28 November 2011

Oren Yakar אורן יקר

I googled you Oren, but you just don't exist in cyberspace.
Barak interviewed me for a documentary he's making on you. Originally, I was supposed to just read For You, Oren, but then we started talking and all the memories of you flushed me. Of course I needed this after almost 20 years.

I brought the diary with the drawings to the interview - just as an afterthought.
But really, I think I had the feeling that not many paintings or drawings have survived your destructive hand.

And since there is nothing out there in cyberspace about you, I thought to post these drawings here to share them with others - I didn't realize I have a treasure.

So I hope this will ease the pain, and help me heal the open wound...

(c) all rights reserved to khulud kh. (2011)


  1. Thanks dear. Can you date the pictures? I think we should spread the word for others to upload Oren's works. I gave what I had to Barak.


  2. still trying to figure out the exact period when I was with him - but from the dates in my diary it seems to be somewhere from Spring-Summer 1992 all the way through November 1993. Can't be more precise about the dates of the art...

  3. oren made a lasting impression on everyone who knew him. nice to see some stuff pop up, because, as you say, he just doesn't exist in cyberspace.

  4. indeed he did make a lasting impression, yoni. thanks


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