14 May 2010


"she opened her post box and was taken aback. first, by the quantity of the mail. But something was not right. Reaching in, she drew a heavy bulk of letters. All were torn open, their contents scattered. some of them were torn to pieces, others just crumpled. Love letters, bills, notifications of a big package waiting at the post office. She didn't understand. she could tell by the dates on the stamps that this was at least three months worth of mail. who did this? and why was she all of a sudden targeted? or was it not all of a sudden? she felt they were closing in on her."


  1. And now I want to know more... Is this part of your novel in progress? Who's closing in? Curious...


  2. nope. not part of the novel at all...
    let's keep this one mysterious, shall we?
    It gives life spice...


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