20 May 2013

My Haifa - poem III [American-made toys invading my airspace]

The voice of your –
Masterfully crafted
American made

Invading my head
Over the Haifa skies
Invading my very own –

My neighbors can –
Only sleep in peace
With these
Toys – overhead.

Oh – The greatest lie
Of security.

And I just wish –
I could for once
Write to a
Different music.

(c) khulud khamis, 2013

15 May 2013

My Haifa - poem no. II

Like a lover,
You betrayed me.
Promising to contain – 

Like a betrayer,
You turned your mountain
To me.
And hid the sea.

Like a true friend
I remained
Within you.
Refused to leave.

Like the fool
My heart skips a beat
At the prospect
That one day –

You will be mine
And also theirs.

Because your mountain
Your sea
Your stairs
Your humidity and scorching sun

Are enough to contain
The us and the them.

(c) khulud khamis, 2013

14 May 2013

My Haifa

It's your Topography
Makes me sense –

It's your Shatwet Nisan
Makes me smell –

It's your stairs
Make me
Walk you.

It's your sea
Makes me

It's your humidity
It's your scorching sun.

It's your name
Makes me know
You are within me.

(c) khulud khamis, 2013