13 October 2009

My MA thesis on sale at Amazon

You can obtain a copy of my thesis, A Space of her Own: Sexuality, Silence, and Negotiating Spaces in Homer's Odyssey and Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale at the following link.
If you read it, 'd love to know what you think about it.


  1. This sounds great. Many years back I wrote an analysis of the Homeric Hymns to Demeter and Aphrodite. There is much in these old works of great interest - ANd loved your piece about being deleted.

  2. thanks dear - I am writing now on my experience at the airport with the Israeli security guard and their number system. Last time I was tagged as number 5 (the highest number is 6, which means you're a "terrorist"), and got special treatment.
    so you can say that you've met an "almost terrorist" :)

  3. Definitional terrorism is such a shifty creature. The history of the ciminalisation of different peoples at different times is an interesting one. Maybe that should be my next political blog upload?

  4. I couldn't get my blogger number ight but assuming you know it's me.

  5. it is intriguing... I had so many experiences with that that I could write a book. Just today I had to open up my car trunk for a security guard, but the trunk wouldn't open. But only because I am an Arab - he called for some backup and they made a scene..gave them a scare - "I mean, do I look like I'm hiding a bomb in there???" I almost said. But I knew that if I said it, I would have been in deep shit. So I just let them have their "security" macho thing...


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