20 October 2009

Petals of this Child's Soul

Petals of this Child’s soul –
Crushed with no mercy at all.
The sparks of this Child’s eyes –
Darkened for the rest of days.
The sacred dance of this Flower’s leafs –
Smothered from now until darkness.

Manacles of this Beast
Fury in the heart

A moment of Rage,
A forever of Hatred.


  1. I wish love for the child. peace for her soul.
    "The forever of Hatred" would find love that encompasses all.
    I do not want hatred forever for the child. Ever.

  2. thank you Susan for the kind words. I wrote this poem a few years back, during a bloody attack of the Israeli Armed Forces on the Palestinian Occupied Territories. And it is still so relevant, I don't know if you follow this conflict, but it is getting more and more devastating, especially after the December-January attack on Gaza, and the continuous siege on it.

  3. strong, angry and dark. well written.


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