21 March 2013

novel progress update

I've been getting many inquiries from friends regarding the publication of my novel. The key word here is patience. The standard time it takes from a book to be published from the moment a publisher takes on the work is 12 months. At the moment, the manuscript is being edited by the dedicated people at Spinifex. The whole process takes time, as after they send me suggestions I need to go back to the manuscript and work on it some more. The book is scheduled to come out sometimes in early 2014. I will keep you posted on the progress.

But the exciting news is that I get to keep all copyrights to my work.

As some of you know, I have posted some short segments of "Fragments" here on my blog in the past. However, as soon as I learned that Spinifex would be publishing the novel, I thought I had to forfeit those rights, and I went ahead and deleted all "Fragments" published so far. Now I was informed that all copyrights are mine, and specifically told that I am free to publish segments, I will be publishing short sections in the coming months for you to read.

I also invite you to help me think of a new title for the novel. Currently, the novel's name is "Life in Fragments." However, I would like to incorporate the word Haifa into the title. So any brainstorming is welcome. So far, I've received the following suggestions from friends:

* Haifa Fragments * Haifa in Fragments * Haifa Life in Fragments * Fragmented Haifa * Fragmented Haifa Living * Living Fragments of Haifa * My Haifa in Fragments.
One friend suggested I make Fragments into a verb.

Any suggestions are welcome.



  1. life i fragments has nothing to do i think about fragmented haifa but rather about life in fragments located in haifa. so pay attention.
    rather life in fragments in haifa.

  2. yes, I am well aware of this distinction, and in no way do I want to convey Haifa as fragmented. this is why I need the brainstorming... to find the right way to say it. i.e. to keep the meaning of the fact that it is LIFE that is fragmented, but incorporating Haifa into it.
    for some reason, Life in Fragments in Haifa seems to awkward to me, but this is actually the most accurate meaning. I guess I'm trying to find a more poetic way to say it... will keep thinking and playing with the words... thanks.

  3. How about

    Life in Haifa


  4. Bettina: having it divided into two parts would be my last resort. I prefer it in one title, without a subtitle, although a subtitle would actually "fragment" the title :)
    thanks! I'll keep playing around with the combinations of words. i'm sure it will come.


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