26 March 2013

lost in translation

parts of my identity
been –
for some (un)identifiable
lost in translation.

Floating between –
the languages
in a –
between the –


  1. well sorry but as it is the name of a famous movie, it kind of seems a plagiarism "Lost in Translation (2003)" by Sofia Coppola

  2. first - i had no idea there was such a movie. i only know of a novel called "girl in translation".
    second - i use this phrase a lot when dealing with issues of my own identity in the context of my multi-linguality.
    third - there is no copyright on titles :) I have just recently learned this.
    fourth - there's no such a thing as intellectual stealing of a phrase made of of 3 words. but this is irrelevant, since the poem was written completely being unaware of the movie, without any knowledge of what the movie deals with. the poem was written as a spontaneous response to some feelings.

  3. i t was my immediate feeling. why don't i get the responsed to my mail?


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