9 June 2008

Do psychological motivation, rational causality, unity, integrity, and high purpose give way to postmodern fragment, play, deflation, and parody?
I'd really love to read what YOU think about this.


  1. i don't really think so. i think people want and need purpose as much as they need anything else in life, probably more. i think purpose is what makes us able to continue, in spite if it all, because of it all. so my view is that people see postmodern fragment, play, deflation, and parody as something "ontop" of their beliefs, a small hump that cast a shade of playful doubt, but not as an integral ingredient of their basic arritudes vis-a-vis life,but than, i belong to an era of motivation, rational causality, integrity, and high purpose, so maybe i see things through these glasses (or not?)

  2. I think someone with high purpose in life can use fragment and parody out of the psychological motivation despair.
    As for rational causality - who ever really believed that existed!?

  3. i think there is no purpose in life. you were put into this life and you cross it the way you choose till u die. you can bring some meanings into it so the crossing might be easier but not because there is a purpose


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