20 April 2013

ripened fruit

A long time – 
You discovered.
Smelled, tasted.
Blown away by the magic.
It was still – 
Too big
For your fragile size.

Twenty two years
Ago –
You were
The –
Unripe fruit.
But it was a –
And we all have to –
Begin with a first.

Ten years ago –
They said
It's no good.
Give it up.

You didn't listen.
Not to them
Not to yourself.
Drawn by the magic.

A year ago.
It was completed.
By blood
Giving up
Giving in
Hanging on
With the last scream!

The fruit has ripened.
Those who said
It's not good
Give it up
Are –
Sitting back.
In awe.
Of the blood
The strength
The sweet, ripe fruit.

(c) khulud khamis, 2013

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