3 November 2012

rain - my muse, my lover

(c) painting by khulud kh, 1993

Rain – i pray you into my bones
into my mind
to create
from the sound of you
rain – don't let me become cracked dry
like the brown earth of a Tammuz
sun-crunched day

you have come so close
touched my bare bones with your rain
now they are soaked...

you have reached those geographies of me –
that naked – Madness

when you come – I become
in you
without you
you are that which soaks the dryness – all the cracks

when many run away
it is I who come to you
for life
for breath
for the wetness in you

and for –
that quality in you
the smell of the earth
when you’re gone – is the memory of you

waiting for a night
when you will come – my lover
to listen to your splashing on the asphalt
to smell your brown earth-soaked wet
and to create in your life

thank you rain – for
that sense of ALIVEness
only you – my lover

(c) khulud kh, 2012

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