28 October 2012

Coming soon - conversations with Zeina

(c) painting by khulud kh, 1993

Since I completed my novel, I'm all over with my writing. Experimenting with disabled characters, erotic writing, and now, Zeina. I think soon my writing will find its own way and some round characters will emerge. For now, I am having fun with experimenting. At the moment, I have some three or four different directions, with different characters. Maybe they'll cross ways and merge into one story, or they may diverge into separate novels. I'll let them decide. At the moment, I am deep in conversation with Zeina, a professor of Arabic language, who found her way - intriguingly enough - into the underworld of selling her body for money. Right now, I am very careful of not labeling it "prostitution," because Zeina herself has somehow convinced me that there's so much more to it. In her own words, "it all depends on how you define it." Which is in itself worthy of analysis. But let's wait and hear the analysis from Zeina herself. Hopefully I will have something within the next few weeks to post. Follow up.

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