21 December 2009

Sometimes You Just Love Her So

Sometimes you just love her so
at times it terrifies your soul
she has created the solid centre
you never knew you lacked
or needed.

In one single moment –
the moon, stars and oceans of the world
came together.
amalgamated into chaos.

Only she knew it was beauty.
you took one step backwards
hesitated, and took a fire hot plunge
into amalgamated moon stars oceans.
it seemed not to matter
whether sinking down, or swimming towards
this whole thing is called beauty
you’re soaking into.
you’ve found yourself with her
a new self.

Soaked up, dripping wet,
it was too much for you.
you needed to breathe.
so you came up for air.
and just walked away
back into your neat world,
where the moon is separated by a world
from the stars, and the
oceans do not intermingle with


  1. and a vision like this will linger in your memory forever... beautiful!!!

  2. i like khulud very much ;)

  3. Absolutely beautiful Khulud:). I loved it greatly. Expressed with sheer intelligence and beauty:). I am startled!


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