22 February 2016


*** Goodbye Facebook – deactivating account ***
I am turning 41 on March 8th. This past year has been a year full of both wonders and challenges. This past year, I accomplished my lifelong dream of becoming a published author. I also finally own my own place, with a big garden. However, this past year also brought with it the most significant challenges life has dealt me. I’ve had to deal with two suicide attempts of the two closest women in my life, which occurred only three weeks apart. I won’t go into too much detail about my coping with these experiences, but they have taught me some meaningful lessons in life. I have grown and learned from them immensely, and they have taught me what really matters in life. These two women have taught me the meaning of love, kindness, patience, and greatness. They have taught me to slow down and appreciate everything I do have in life. So this year, for my 41st birthday, I am giving myself a unique gift. I will life this year (and the following ones), as if this was my last year in life. To focus only on what is significant and truly important to me and to continue living my life to its fullest. I'll be dedicating most of the upcoming year to loving, working on my second novel, Taboos in Arabic, and tending to my garden. I’ve always lived my life to its fullest, always focused on my dreams, but this year I am also getting rid of meaningless distractions and illusions. A lot has been written on the addiction to Facebook and different strategies for it not to control our lives. Well, I decided that the simplest strategy is just to deactivate my Facebook account, as lately it’s become more of a nuisance than a networking tool for me (won’t go into details).

So, where can I be reached?
- I can be reached via email, though I don’t check my emails regularly.
- You can send me a postcard by regular mail.
- I will be posting my writings on my blog at www.HaifaFieldnotes.blogspot.com
- I will still have the Haifa Fragments Facebook page, where you can also read fragments of new fiction, my poetry, opinions, links to reviews of Haifa Fragments, and some useful articles.
- For literature lovers: connect with me on Goodreads, which I religiously update with my current readings.
- I’m active on Instagram.
- I’ll be also working slowly on updating or upgrading my website, or searching for a new, more integrated platform.

This Facebook account will be deactivated for a whole year shortly after March 8th, as I still need to figure out some technicalities re administrating pages and copy some content. Until then, I will no longer be active, and won’t be responding to any messages.

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