7 December 2013


Oh, it begins. The happy, perfect families Christmasing videos and photos on my Facebook newsfeed. Not that I have anything against it –
So you’re nearing forty
Spent most of your twenties building a career
Most of your thirties building a nice family –
You know – the whole works:
A nice house with a garden
Two kids – preferably a boy and a girl.
Your wife’s most important attributes to you –
Her beauty, housekeeping abilities, and exquisite taste in fashion.
So why not parade your happy, perfect family Christmasing on Facebook?
Somewhere – along the way,
Something snapped.
Something went wrong.
You followed all the rest.
Because that’s how things are done
And this is how you’re supposed to live your life.
So –
Why is that spark in your eyes extinguished?
Why can I see a smile on your lips,

Not in your eyes?
- khulud خلود

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