29 November 2013

Palestinian dirty laundry

Gone way underground
To meet the most courageous Palestinian women.
Not the activists, not the human rights defenders, not the feminists.
But those who are breaking the strongest taboos in our society.
Those who cannot come forward and expose themselves –
For the result will be definite and immediate murder.
But they are not voiceless.
They are everywhere around us – walking, living, breathing among us.
Living parallel lives.
I say they are not voiceless –
Although they can’t speak in first person,
There are ways to make their voices heard.
Making their voices heard is dangerous –
Because it will collapse many notions our society has about its morals and ethics.
Notions carefully constructed but which many know are false.
I am engaged in very intimate dialogue with several of these women
The issue is not an issue of “dirty laundry” – as the title may connote
The issue is an issue of telling the truth
Through the experiences of these women.
And it’s about giving them the voice they have been disenfranchised of.
- khulud خلود

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