29 June 2013

اسمهان Asmahan


when I'm with you in the bayader                              parts of me fall off
your body is so tender that I'm afraid                          to touch you – lest
you diminish in                                                           beauty and – Asmahan

when you take the veil off your hair                            for me – I am. I become.
and I lust to cover my                                                 body with
your hair                                                                     – to feel its silky smoothness

I crave to worship –                                                     you.
kneel down and –                                                       pray your love into me.
to lose my self and find my self –                                 inside you.

terrified you will – one day –                                       dissolve between my arms
intoxicated by the letters of –                                       your name in my blood.
and one day I will                                                        turn to the ashes of your name.

(c) khulud khamis, forthcoming in Spinifex press.

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