23 February 2013

Dreams do come true

I have completed my first novel, "Life in Fragments" [tentative name], on 30 June, 2012. In its present form, it took me two and a half years to complete the novel. Throughout the whole period, I had my ups and downs. Ecstatic moments when I was able to complete a "perfect" sentence or paragraph, but more often, long bouts of depression when nothing seemed to work - no words were adequate to express what I thought needed to be written down. Words refusing to be formed. Jarred sentences. Annoying, uncooperative characters who just bounced off the paper and rebelled against any structure.

Struggle. sweat. blood. insomnia.

But finally, I pulled through the dark, and a novel was born. I felt my body emptying. A part of me was gone, just like after giving birth. I even experienced post-birth depression.

I let it all sink in.

After a while, I began searching for a home for the manuscript. Friends said: "it takes a while, sometimes even years." I had faith. Sent the synopsis and first two chapters for review by several publishers and agents. Negative responses in the best case, no response in the worse case.

An opening: an agent in New York agreed to read the whole manuscript.
The Director of the radical feminist Spinifex publishing house, Susan Hawthorne, asked for the first 50 pages, and then for the whole manuscript.

No response from the agent in New York.

I began to doubt my writing and my dream. I was seriously considering of giving it up, of throwing in the towel. Of searching for a new dream to chase.

I reached rock bottom. Complete darkness.

And then the email came. A contract is on the way with Spinifex. A small publisher, yet I am excited, as I feel that it is the right one to publish my book. They are a radical feminist publisher, very political. The perfect home for my first novel.

I haven't written anything in a while. Was on the verge of quitting. Now, with this news, I am again full of energies and belief in my abilities. My mind is brewing with the new characters of my second novel, "Tea at the Checkpoint."

At the same time, I am excited to be revisiting again the character of "Life in Fragments" for the purposes of editing the manuscript. To be honest, I do miss them often.

So, it is back to full-fledged writing for me again: editing "Life in Fragments" and working on "Tea at the Checkpoint." I'm not sure if I will have any spare time in the next few months to post articles here, but will try.

Until next time, dear readers and friends :)


  1. mabruck habibti, just remember us humble friends and fans when you will be famous and of course the power of feminism. kiss and love

  2. thank you darling.
    and I promise to remain humble - I'm not after fame and fortune, but rather my aim has always been that my voice is heard loud and clear and that it reaches as many people as possible.

  3. so you have come to the right stage 6 years ago :)

  4. i mean training (stage in french)


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