7 September 2012

احترق بنار طائر النار اليرموكي واعيش بنار طائر النار اليرموكي

it seems that – after all

the impossible is real.

to miss you before I even met you.

for you – also – to miss me before meeting me.

to hold long conversations with you in my head before seeing you.

to feel the explosion of energies when my fingers touched yours for the first time.

But how can it be possible to miss you before meeting you?

Even when I’m with you – I already miss you.

My phoenix –

That’s what you are.

and I will burn in your fire

and live in your fire

shhhh – no need to say it –

I know exactly what.

Because –

we both already know

that what you feel is exactly what I feel.

and we both have no – explanation

no need for words.

By the end of nine minutes – which haven’t started yet,

you will have a truckload of sand.

It was the first time for you in 45 years

the sound of the waves, the carpet that waited just for us

the stars – the wine.

all this, after the car sunk down – took us almost two hours

(and we forgot the jack, which remained there

and we picked it up – two nights later, at the same spot)

you, me – drunk not from wine.

there were stars in the sky – I didn’t see any

and yes – I have to admit: it is the first time for me in 37 years.

Because I am reborn in your fire – my phoenix.

And all of this – is forbidden

Not to me – but to you.

At the end of these – nine minutes

(which haven’t started yet, just to remind you)

I will burn – for the last time

and turn into the ashes of the khulud (no, not the name – the eternal)

but I knew this from the moment I heard the words “I miss you” from you

before you met me.

and I am ready to burn that last time.

Why? Why chose death by burning?

Because – I want to live within your fire.

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