15 April 2012

the memory of you

The connection to the body.

Writing a script onto the body.

Although in pencil, it will not be erased.

To remember always… all that was.

The pain, the grief, the agony of you.

I feel you walking inside my body, just right here, underneath the skin.


Mocking me.

And I demand my memories back.

To reverse the flow of my blood.

To retrace my steps to before…

Before the pain, the grief, the agony.

To a time when sunflowers made me shiver.

To a time when butterflies landed in my palms.

And you were there to cup them in your hands.

If I try hard enough, I can still remember

The gentle brush of the butterfly’s wings on my arms.

And that’s the memory of you –

I am taking

To the grave.

(c) khulud kh (2012)

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