21 February 2012

Israel's Citizenship Law

Sometimes we need a little (or big) nudge from reality to get back to our activism. And so my “indefinite leave from the conflict” has come to an end with the outrageous citizenship law, just ratified by the High Court. The law is not new, but the very recent decision of the High Court that the law is constitutional has left no legal channels open to act against it. Following the last post which includes a letter from my activist friend Dr. Hannah Safran, I am joining several women friends from Isha L’Isha this coming Thursday to visit Taiseer and his family in Akka. We wish to hear directly from Lana, his wife, about her life and the reality she deals with on a daily basis. Yes, this is my small contribution. I feel that I have to be out there. Listen to what Lana has to say first hand. And then do something with it. Write about it. Get her voice out there. Please follow up on this here soon.

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