28 July 2011

Tents everywhere - winds of change

Waking up, waking up. The burnt-out middle-class is finally waking up. Tents set up all over the country. And I mean – all over. Not just in the central cities. But in the periphery as well. And in Arab towns.

We’ve known all too many strikes throughout the years, but it’s always been one specific group or another. Now, we’re finally beginning to feel something in the air. Thousands are out in the streets: doctors, young people, workers, parents to small children. Fighting for a welfare state. Finally beginning to make the connections between the different struggles.

Yes, much is still lacking. They’ve not made the conscious connection to the conflict – yet. Most of them perceive the struggle as not political. One of the leaders of the “baby strollers” protests stressed the fact that it is not a political protest, yet she contradicted herself by saying that their main demand is that education come before security, and that they see themselves as a social movement for change. Now this is as political as it gets.

I am optimistic especially because of her reference to security. Israeli society is beginning to see the cost of the conflict. Beginning to see that it’s affecting their personal lives. This is what feminist organizations have been pointing to for years, but the public has always been blind to this. Everything was always marginalized in the name of security.

I am optimistic. I don’t think there ever was such a wide struggle, uniting so many groups. Yes, I know I said that I’ve reached a saturation point – but I’m positive that you’ll find me out there on the streets soon – marching, protesting. Winds of change are blowing and I can feel them.


  1. WELL i wish i was optimistic like you!
    in israel there is a perpetual misunderstanding: they think political means political parties and not "social relations involving authority or power"[1] and refers to the regulation of public affairs within a political unit,[2] and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy.[3])(wikipedia)
    which automatically includes of course economics.the gvnmnt takes advantage of the fact most of us don't understand the connections between capitalist policy and the fact the population is screwed and gets poorer and poorer except for some millionaires. etc....so now i am sure bibi and other fascistes will give some crumbs promises to the public and they will all go back home till it will be too late to realise it was all big lies on our backs and by then dictatorship will rule offically here so we won't even dare to talk or strike. anyway the gvmnt and the rich powerful handful people don't give a shit! so i think it is wonderful these civilian protests and i am part of it but i have no faith anymore.

  2. talma - i was asked a few nights ago if i thought there was justice in the world. it was a yes/no question.
    my answer was: no, but we have no other choice but to believe in it. otherwise - what's the whole point of it all?


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