17 May 2011

"How Arabs Stole Jewish Property"

Riding the bus this evening from the office, a man in his fifties sat across from me. He had a blue folder, and when he opened it, I could read the title "money" in big letters. I tried to think of what he does - is he a student? Or maybe a business man trying to learn how to make more money. He closed the folder. A few minutes later, he opened it again and flipped to an English article with the title "How Arabs Stole Jewish Property." Underneath, I could only vaguely glimpse the years 1946 and 1948. With this new knowledge of the material this man was reading, I suddenly became aware of my national identity, which minutes earlier was very much asleep. And I looked at his face, and all of a sudden it seemed somewhat different. The contents of the title of that article were somehow reflected in his eyes.


  1. "I looked at his face, and all of a sudden it seemed somewhat different"

    sometimes there is things better not to know, better not to notice cause the minute you see it thats it its there and you see it in the faces and in the small gesture... imagine you need to see this man again and again and again and again...

    I like reading you :)

  2. thanks darling. oh, don't worry about it too much. I don't see his face over and over... it just felt good to put it in writing and to release him from my mind... he's gone now...
    miss u :)


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