6 May 2010

Imagine You're on a Military Training

Walking my two dogs in my neighborhood, I saw a mother with her 7 year old boy. The boy was carrying a cage with hamsters in it, and I heard him complaining to his mom how heavy the cage is and how difficult it is so him to carry it.

My first thought was that the mother would find words of motivation, telling him that he's doing great, or that they're almost home or some such words.
Instead, she tells him: "Stop being such a brat. Just pretend you're on a military training."

MILITARY TRAINING???? A seven year old boy????

I don't think I need to add any commentary here...


  1. or... just pretend you're israel carrying gaza. it is a burden to cage somebody else.

  2. I think MY mom would've said: you want these damn hamsters you carry em. . .
    but military training is harsh, I wonder what kind of mother is she!

    Hi khulud, I've been reading your blog for a while now ( over a year ) I had to bring that to your attention since this is my first comment ever on your blog. you'd probably think it's weird I'd comment on this particular post, well.. yea it is weird and I have no answer or any reasonable explanation.. but I'm always reading you :)


  3. Hi Tia!
    Well I'm glad you made that comment :) I was warned that more people read my blog than I think...

    anyway, as for the mother - this is the norm rather than the exception here. Jewish mothers have the "duty" to raise future soldiers, and military imagery is part of their everyday life. (I guess it's true for other nations as well, but here it is felt especially strong).

    I just had a brief peek at your blog and I see it's in Arabic... Arabic is not my strong language (it's not my mother tongue...) and it takes me ages to read, but I promise to drop a longer visit in the next few days.

    enjoy your stay here :)


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