1 March 2010

To my Invisible Readers

Dear Invisible Readers,
we think there are some certainties in our lives that we can count on. small ones. like the fact that my two dogs will knock me down with their love every time I come home. or the fact that my daughter - at 15 - will still call me every night to cuddle up with her, hug her and stay by her bedside for a while. or the fact that the blog we enjoy reading will be there tomorrow as well.

Well, guess what? there are no certainties in life. the other day I came home and both of my dogs were sleeping on the sofa, neither of them jumping to greet me. they were just enjoying a lazy evening - and who can blame them, really? with my daughter, I'm sure a night will come when she won't call me, though I dread that night, because that will be the night that she will cease to be my little girl, and become her own person. but of course it's a most natural process, and I will embrace it when the moment arrives.

as for blogs - I received an email a week ago from a friend of mine asking me "what happened to your blog? It won't open." well, for private reasons, I decided to change the URL (the web address) of my blog. I didn't think much of it, as I thought I only had a handful of readers. well, guess again. Today another friend of mine asked me: "why did you delete your blog?" apparently, she received an email from a woman who reads my blog asking her how come I "closed my blog".

every now and then I meet a friend and she would refer to something I wrote on my blog, and I am taken aback each time to learn how many women (and men) read my blog.

- [I kinda' forgot the whole point of this post, so please bear with me]

anyway, now that I know I have many more readers than I thought, I feel more responsibility... for what, I have no idea.... maybe for the contents?? Or the frequency of posting?? Hey, I need help here...

for those who are not that familiar with the format of the blog - it allows you to post comments at the end of each post, and you can post the comments anonymously or through your google account. I'd really like to read your comments and feedback, what you would like to read more about, what you don't like, or if you have any ideas. because it's true that first and foremost I write because writing is my life. But for that, I have my own personal journal where I write all my personal thoughts - my own desires, fears, lusts, grievances. but here, in this public format, I write because I think it's important to make my voice heard. though I write about personal issues, they are also political.

- [ok I'm writing this at 3:25 in the morning, and have no idea whether I'm making any sense]

In short, just leave me your comments and let me know your thoughts. for more personal thoughts, you're more than welcome to send me a personal email to khulud.kh@gmail.com.



  1. Though I am not one of your invisible readers (ahem, I did become invisible there for a while, didn't I?) I will tell you that I enjoy pretty much all of what you share on your blog. You write with a great and high degree of self-awareness, and also an awareness for your surroundings. And this is not always true with others' writing. Your writing is enjoyable because, although some of it is fiction, it is still based on fact, and especially on facts that you are very familiar with. So, that was my two cents. And, don't ever feel discouraged or think that nobody reads what you write. We are all visited by far more people than care to leave their thoughts, and what counts is that they've caught a glimpse of your world, even if they don't bother to leave you their trail.

    Warm hugs,

  2. Dear Khulud:

    I am again not your invisible reader. I completely echo what dear Nevine has written down so well. Many of us (bloggers) don't leave imprints but that does not mean no one reads your writings. I enjoy reading your posts as they provide a glimpse of the political through the personal, as you always say.

    Please do keep writing no matter what. It is more important that one writes than not doing so.

    Thanks for the thoughtful insights you leave on my blog.

    Joy always,

  3. fishing for compliments?.....take a hug

  4. nice picture!!! who took it?...

  5. thanks Nevine & Susan - I guess both of you are more experienced with blogs than me here.
    Talma - yes, I'll take the hug!
    the picture? by the great feminist photographer Talma :)

  6. Hello Khulud -- I'm glad to have found your blog again (and thank you for reading mine and your thoughtful comments). I too was worried when I saw "blog has been deleted." Good to know I can keep up with your life and thoughts here. Hugs from Los Angeles.


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